Easy SpeakerPhone

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Uses voice modem functions and turns on SpeakerPhone mode





The program is using voice modem functions and turns on SpeakerPhone mode of operation after reaching the destination unlike "Phone". It's located in the pop-up menu or system tray, one-click controllable. Plays WAV file at incoming call. Simple phone book avaliable (configuration file must be set up manually).

The Easy SpeakerPhone application is especially useful if you have a headphones with microphone and internal voice modem, connected to the sound card with TAD cable. It this case you can go without a telephone set. Don't forget enable TAD in sound mixer.

Configuration file is set up for 3Com / US Robotics 56k Voice Faxmodem (Internal PCI), but can easily be set up for any other one (check your modem manual).
Last updated on May 8th, 2009
Easy SpeakerPhone - The system tray menu window of Easy SpeakerPhone