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A solution for those who are looking to synchronize their mobile phone content with their PC while also creating a backup for data

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Mobile Navigator has been created as a simple solution that allows users to connect their mobile phone to the computer in order to perform various actions, such as the modification of the phonebook entries, changing the ringtone or adding images and writing and sending messages via the short message system (SMS).

Connect a supported device

Keep in mind that the application is intended for early generation mobile phones, not the modern smart devices.

Once a supported mobile device is connected (via a data cable, infrared or Bluetooth), Mobile Navigator should automatically provide a set of details about it; these include information about the manufacturer, model. IMEI, serial of the SIM card, battery charge, reception level or operator and network used.

Backup the data on the device

The functionality of the application is quite extensive and covers options for changing the profiles of the device, setting the volume level for the ringtone and the internal speaker.

If the mobile phone is equipped with an organizer, Mobile Navigator can show the entries and allows updating them from the computer for an easier way to handle your schedule.

One of the most important features available in Mobile Navigator is that it can create safe copies of the data on the mobile phone, an operation that comes in handy when you change the device or when something happens to the mobile terminal.

Outdated mobile phone manager

Working with Mobile Navigator is intuitive enough for any type of user to do it with little difficulty. It is a comprehensive tool for managing early generation mobile phones but the current technical advancements make it obsolete for the modern user.

Nevertheless, it can still be used if you have old phones and want to take a look at the early mobile technology and its capabilities.

Mobile Navigator was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 30th, 2014
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