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A professional tool that can be used in order to upgrade the firmware of your Android phone, requiring only patience and a little attention

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Odin3 is an innovative application designed to flash or update firmware on phones using the Android OS. Taking into consideration that performing changes on mobile firmware may result in voiding the phone’s warranty, this software targets professional users.

A risky but rewarding operation

Performing a flash operation on an Android device is quite the challenge, posing a high dose of risk and resulting in great costs, at times. For instance, a failed job may lead to a malfunctioning device or losing the phone’s warranty. On the other hand, if successful, the operation may accomplish outstanding results, removing all the restrictions that mobile phone producers usually implement.

Not for all levels of experience

Odin3’s success rate is promising, according to users all over the world. The application stands out through portability, as well as simplicity and accessibility. With a standard, yet user-friendly interface, the software requires some user efforts and assumes that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to use it properly.

In order to correctly flash a device, Odin3 expects that you have the appropriate ROM for your phone. Most ROMS come in a single TAR or TAR.MD5 file, with the PDA, Phone and CSC components included in one large package. If these come separately, it’s easy to identify which is which from their name.

Carefully prepare your phone for updates

Before starting the operation, make sure that the phone is connected via USB to the computer and that all the drivers that facilitate the connection are installed (usually, these can be retrieved from the website of the phone company). Also, the phone should be put in USB debugging mode via a combination of keys. It is also recommended to unplug other USB devices and close Samsung Kies (if it’s running).

Requires a little patience on your behalf

After you’ve loaded the ROM and made sure that you meet the above requirements, you can start the flash process. It may take a while, so don’t panic if the results aren’t returned immediately. During the operation, it is forbidden to perform any other operation on your phone.

To end with

In conclusion, Odin3 should be used with the utmost care and only by professionals. If you follow the instructions to the letter, chances are in your favor. Even though the slightest mistake might lead to damaging your device, chances are minimal if some degree of attention is payed.

Odin3 was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
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