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A reliable yet easy to use software solution that can help you effortlessly record audio and video Skype calls, then replay them

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One of the numerous advantages of relying on Skype to chat with friends is that it supports both audio and video calls, and two or multiple participants are permitted. Furthermore, you can also use a dedicated application to record these talks and replay them at a later time - such an app is Pamela Call Recorder.

Easily record Skype calls

Needless to say, you first need to login to Skype and initiate a call, then launch Pamela Call Recorder so as to capture your conversation (you can also set the app to automatically record all detected calls, so your input will no longer be needed).

The graphic interface is highly intuitive as it displays various details, such as the full name of the contact you chatted with, the date and time when the call took place, as well as its length. Also, the utility automatically calculates the size of the output file, while also allowing you to assign it a brief note.

Moreover, you can also rely on the Emotion Sounds Player during a call to make the whole experience more interesting, by playing a wide range of custom sounds, such as applause, cheer, a baby’s cry, laughter, music, sigh, snore and so on.

Import and play recorded calls

Due to Pamela Call Recorder, you can import previously recorded calls within its main window so as to play them back whenever you want to.

Additionally, you can choose to move these files to Skype recording’s folder, or you can simply copy them to this location if you are no longer satisfied with the target directory initially used for storing logged calls.

Automatic Skype answering machine

In addition to recording your Skype calls, Pamela Call Recorder can also be used to automatically reply to your contacts when you are already chatting with someone else.

All in all, this software utility can help you not only record your Skype calls, but also make them more interesting due to its built-in sounds, and you can even use it as a custom answering machine for Skype when you are engaged in another call.

Pamela Call Recorder was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on March 11th, 2014
Pamela Call Recorder - You can use the main window of the application to view and listen to your recordings.Pamela Call Recorder - The context menu present in the software can be used to add notes and delete recordings.Pamela Call Recorder - You can open your Skype account or import recordings from the File menu of the program.Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #4Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #5Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #6Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #7Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #8Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #9Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #10Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #11Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #12Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #13Pamela Call Recorder - screenshot #14