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Store a large number of contacts in a custom database and easily call them via a connected specialty device while keeping an eye on the cost

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Phone Dialer Plus is a practical application for the users that need to dial a phone number by using the computer. Although the Windows operating systems include the Phone Dialer tool, this program intends to provide you with a different set of features.

Turn your computer into a communication center

Its main goal is to help you use a computer operated phone or a modem card in order to make a phone call. Before dialing the number, you need to select the phone number from the contact list and to choose the COM port used by the dialing device.

Unlike the Microsoft’s solution that is limited to eight speed dials, this program allows you to store multiple contacts in the contact list. The number of contacts stored by the app is virtually unlimited and it provides you with more space to display the name or the phone number.

Good but far from being a pro

An additional feature is the included timer that records the conversation length in order to provide you with the call cost information. The cost calculation is based on the dialed number's location, the weekday and the destination network. Unfortunately, the cost is only displayed at the end of the conversation and not in real time.

The downside of this feature is that you cannot change the cost parameters in order to suit your phone service provider. Unless you want to tinker with the settings files manually, you have to settle for the default parameters, which make the feature useless.

The interface of the program is easy to use and requires insignificant resources to run. However, its use is limited to dialing phone numbers and it does not include the option to make calls over the network.

In conclusion

Overall, Phone Dialer Plus proves to be a useful application only if you have a large number of contacts that you need to dial regularly. It takes a little getting used to due to the rough interface, making it more suitable in professional environments.

Phone Dialer Plus was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on July 15th, 2014
Phone Dialer Plus - In the main window of Phone Dialer Plus you will be able to enter the phone number you want to dial.

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