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A useful application that was designed to facilitate Short Message Service (SMS) on mobiles by allowing you to send messages from your PC

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SMS Cute is a piece of software that was designed in order to offer you an alternative to sending SMS messages from your mobile phone, opposed to writing them on the small keyboard. This application made it possible for you to write your messages on your computer and send them through your phone.

User-friendly interface

SMS Cute displays a comprehensive interface which makes it easy to browse through its features and functions and was tailored to fit well with all kinds of users. Similar to Microsoft Outlook, the application displays the contents into ‘Drafts’, ‘Inbox’, ‘Sent’ and ‘Deleted’ categories from where you can easily access them.

These categories are placed on the left side of the main window, leaving space for two other sections, one from where you can view a list of all the messages, and the other in which you can write the actual SMS and send it to a contact.

Connect via USB or serial port

The connection between the phone and your computer can be established using a USB or serial port. In case it’s called for, the application enables you to define the connection parameters such as port number, data transfer rate, timeout duration and command delay along with network settings.

Manage contacts from your address book

SMS Cute also comes with an address book feature which you can use to store information about all the contacts that exist in your phone. You can add new one and assign information such as name, mobile number and email address. It goes without saying that you are able to edit existing contacts or delete them using the same feature.

Practical but obsolete

In perspective, SMS Cute was a nice little piece of software to have on your computer because it allowed you to use the messaging system in a new and more fun way but technology has evolved considerably since its release and now the service it provides is not only outdated, but there are many other more practical solutions.

SMS Cute was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
SMS Cute - The main window of SMS Cute allows users to esaily view the content of their mobile phone.SMS Cute - The Address Book window of SMS Cute gives users the ability to search for a certain contact.SMS Cute - From the Connection tab in the Options window you can easily customize the timeout or the command delay.

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