SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone3.4.1.1

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A P2P VOIP / Video Phone for instant communications.






SSuite Office - Face-Time is an easy to use P2P VOIP and Video Phone combination. Face-Time Video phone does not rely on third-party vendors or special internet websites to make calls. There is no need for registration, account information, or any personal information on your part to make this application work. All you need is a headset, microphone, and / or a web camera to make a call.

Face-Time works only on LAN, DSL, Cable, or 3 / 4G broadband connections. The application requires a minimum bandwidth of 128 Kbps (continuous - upstream and downstream).

How it works: Before making a call, press the refresh button to make sure of your I.P. Address. When making a call over a DSL, Cable, or 3 / 4G connection, connect first and then run the application to ensure a correct return I.P. Address. On a LAN connection the I.P. Address is your network card address. On a DSL, Cable, or 3 / 4G connection, the I.P. Address is the address your I.S.P. provides automatically when you connect.
To make a quick connection to a friend or family member, simply sms your current I.P. address to whom ever you need to contact while you are online. They in turn enter your I.P. address in the address box and click on the chat button to start the connection. When connected, you have the choice to go to Video by clicking on the "Video" button and then clicking on the play button to start your video conversation.

You are able to open the video window without being connected to have a self preview to setup your web camera for best results. Just press play to view yourself on the main screen. Just make sure your IP address to call is when pressing play.
Last updated on January 14th, 2014
SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone - This is the main window of SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone from where you can access all the features of the application.SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone - From the Settings window you can setup your ringtone, ring time, caller id etc.SSuite Office - FaceTime P2P Video Phone - screenshot #3