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A neat software solution that was especially designed to help all users to access the MarketPlace through the Zune software from any country in the world

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It happens ever so often that service providers make available certain type of content for a limited number of users and in this respect there are many cases in which entire countries are excluded.

Those who tried to get inside the Zune Marketplace using their Windows Phone 7 might have experienced this if they were traveling abroad or residing in a region for which this service was restricted. Nonetheless, at least one solution was made readily accessible in the form of the WP7 MarketPlace Enabler utility.

Simple and clean GUI for applying the patch

The great thing about this application is that it doesn't have to be installed onto the PC used to link the Windows Phone and the Zune desktop software. This means that it can be carried on a portable storage device and deployed form there every time it is needed to unlock access to the Zune Marketplace.

All the functions are in plain sight and easily accessible, so even less experienced users should have no problems in operating WP7 MarketPlace Enabler.

Fast country selection for instant access

When it comes to the way in which this program works, it is a breeze to operate. All you have to do is pick the country from the drop-down list and then press 'Apply', nothing more than that.

An important mention that has to be made is that you will have to do this before connecting the phone to computer. More so, this has to be carried out each time you want to access the marketplace through the desktop application.

An easy to use tool that unlocks the Zune Marketplace for Windows Phones

All things considered, WP7 MarketPlace Enabler is definitely a utility to look for in case you want to access the marketplace using a supported Windows Phone device from a location where this service is not available.

WP7 MarketPlace Enabler was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
WP7 MarketPlace Enabler - WP7 MarketPlace Enabler allows you to access the MarketPlace from anywhere in the world via your Zune software.

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