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An easy to use softphone for your system, ready to meet your conversational needs, with support for multiple call lines and interlocutors

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X-Lite provides you with an environment that you can use to initiate various calls, no matter if they are voice or video ones with ease and all the necessary comfort.

With X-Lite, you now enter the world of VoIP (voice over IP) telephony or the world of softphones as X-Lite’s developer suggests. For starters, VoIP has a history that starts back in 1973 when a bunch of guys developed NVP (network voice protocol) that was able to broadcast a real time voice within the Arpanet.

As years steadily passed, 1991 sets the milestone for the first VoIP application software to ever be released - the ‘Speak Freely’ computer program. As of 2004, you can find newly-established service providers for VoIP almost everywhere in the world. Although it is illegal in some countries around the globe, VoIP is one of the most utilized services on the planet.

With its classically shaped interface, X-Lite allows you to connect to your account, set up your voicemail, your firewall traversal method as well as the transport. X-Lite is a fully configurable application that lets you organize it just the way you see fit in order to match your very own preferences.

This particular piece of software also provides a comprehensive contact list alongside zero-touch configuration of your input and output audio equipment. Moreover, if your contacts cannot answer your call for various reasons, you can always send them an instant message.

All in all, X-Lite is a pretty good application software to help you with your VoIP needs. While it is definitely not the complete package you may want, X-Lite gets the job done with high definition videos, more than two lines, file transfer as well as contact status notifications.

X-Lite was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
X-Lite - X-Lite provides you with a VoIP solution that you can use to connect to your SIP account and make calls from the computer.X-Lite - You can easily configure your account details and configure X-Lite's settings using its main menu.X-Lite - X-Lite enables you to connect to your SIP account and use proxy servers to hide your identity.X-Lite - screenshot #4X-Lite - screenshot #5X-Lite - screenshot #6X-Lite - screenshot #7X-Lite - screenshot #8X-Lite - screenshot #9X-Lite - screenshot #10X-Lite - screenshot #11X-Lite - screenshot #12X-Lite - screenshot #13X-Lite - screenshot #14

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