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A powerful software application that enables you to optimize staffing, improve service performance, reduce costs, and check comprehensive graphs

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cc-Modeler Professional is an advanced Windows application that comes packed with various staffing, scheduling, and optimization features for helping you manage your call center, service center, or help desk.

Straightforward looks

Although it comprises many dedicated parameters, you are welcomed a well-organized set of functions that allows to monitor daily calls, work with multiple projects, set your service level goals for each project, as well as check comprehensive graphs.

Main features

cc-Modeler Professional gives you the possibility to keep track of multiple projects for a single day or an entire week, import your data about daily calls from other applications or reports, and calculate the number of agents required throughout the day.

What’s more, you can plan your shifts to cover calls throughout the day, specify meal breaks and off-phone activities for one or more agents on shift, and view differently-colored agents in order to cover gaps.

Plus, you may check detailed performance statistics for each time interval, average speed to answer, and comprehensive graphs, which include information about the calls answered within service level, percent of queued calls, maximum time in queue, productivity, and others.

You can emulate different scenarios based on call volumes, talk time, and service goals, in order to create forecast and identify improvements. There is also support for several simulation modes for calculating abandoned calls and mixed call types, and you can view the simulation in real-time.

Reducing your costs can be done by calculating the impact of agent numbers on your service level and abandoned calls, and scheduling the entire activity.

Last but not least, you may improve service levels by eliminating periods of agent overload, view detailed performance analysis based on your service goals, as well as calculate the expected abandonment rate for staff levels.

An overall efficient business planner

All in all, cc-Modeler Professional proves to be a reliable app that comes bundled with many dedicated parameters for helping you identify call center staffing requirements, handle multiple shifts and planned breaks, simulate various scenarios, reduce costs, as well as calculate the required agents and shifts needed throughout the day. The advanced features make it an ideal utility especially for professionals.

cc-Modeler Professional was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on March 23rd, 2014
cc-Modeler Professional - cc-Modeler Professional is an advanced application designed to simplify workforce planning, scheduling and performance analysis in call Professional - cc-Modeler Professional will enable you to add new work days to your existing Professional - The Tools menu of cc-Modeler Professional will enable you to configure scenarios and simulate Professional - screenshot #4cc-Modeler Professional - screenshot #5cc-Modeler Professional - screenshot #6cc-Modeler Professional - screenshot #7