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A lightweight, yet seamlessly powerful application that helps you send SMS messages to any of your friends, using your Internet connection

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Internet and telephony go hand in hand nowadays. It is easier to send messages over the web, as they take less time to write and manipulate. With programs such as sendSMS, you can facilitate the sending of SMS messages to all your contacts, using the Internet.

The application allows you to send SMS messages to all your friends and contacts via the Internet, using your clickatell account.

Handy and easy to use SMS sending tool with user-friendly interface

sendSMS can help you send SMS messages from your computer to any of you contacts over the Internet. This helps you fasten your work, as writing messages from a phone takes a lot of time. With the help if the program, you can simply paste a message and send it to any of your contacts.

Furthermore, the application saves any of the sent messages, so that you are able to access them later in order to verify or reuse them.

Reliable and intuitive message sender that saves your contact list

sendSMS can help you create a list with all your contacts and friends. By simply adding their name and phone number, you can instantly send them messages. You can choose the name under which the messages are sent, so that anyone reading them will know where are they coming from.

Additionally, the application can be set to display delivery reports whenever you send messages. By doing so, you are able to see if the person you sent a message to received it, as sometimes a sent message is not received due to network problems.

A dependable and robust PC-to-phone SMS sending utility

To conclude, sendSMS provides you with a quick and easy to use way of sending SMS messages from your computer to your friends, using the Internet and their phone numbers.
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Last updated on May 29th, 2014

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sendSMS - sendSMS allows you to seamlessly send SMS messages to your contacts over the Internet.sendSMS - The Address book tab displays all your sorted contacts, along with their telephone numbers.sendSMS - By accessing the Options tab, you can choose the name that will be broadcasted with your messages.

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