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Combine your image files into an incredible Flash animated slideshow you can use in websites with the help of this software application

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Pictures can be used to enhance nearly anything from a simple desktop background to project presentations. Various specialized applications give you the possibility to handle image files, edit them, create slideshows and more. Amongst them is cu3ox and lets you create a Flash animated slideshow out of your custom selection of pictures.

Design a presentation in a matter of seconds

The application makes sure you get ahold of the end result as soon as possible. Images can be loaded either by simply dragging them over the main window or using the dedicated option from the file menu.

Doing so already gets half of the job done. Hitting the “Publish” button only requires you to specify a few details regarding the actual design of the slideshow and choose a destination folder for the project to be saved in. Before you know it, the process is completed and your default web browser is brought up to display the result.

Limited options keep it from being a pro

Going through the options menu gives you the possibility, as mentioned above, to manage a few details regarding quality and output of the project. However, there is no integrated preview section, sliders and drop-down menus don't really help you visualize, so unless you publish the content, you can only guess what it looks like.

Furthermore, there is only one transition effect available to which you can attribute different rotations. Moreover, images are poorly fitted in the dedicated space and even though an option to keep aspect ratio is enabled you still need to use either portrait or landscape for a clear display.

To end with

All in all, cu3ox only manages to create an illusion of a powerful application of its kind. Features are limited and the only provided transition effect does not offer much to work with. Overall, it functions flawlessly, but it did not come properly equipped to fight the battle for the greatest slideshow maker.

CU3OX was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 3rd, 2014
CU3OX - In the main window of cu3ox you can easily add the images you want to use.CU3OX - From this window you will be able to setup your image size, number of segments, direction etc.CU3OX - From this window you can customize your descriptions to suit your needs.CU3OXCU3OX

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