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Enhance the design of your web page by integrating a Flash video player Using this lightweight and powerful software application

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Most entertainment media on the Internet is rendered using a Flash player, which also needs to be integrated by the web developer, not only possessed the end user. Flash Video Player is such a utility that gives you the possibility to make Flash videos playable on your website.

Lightweight and easy to deploy

Since it is mostly targeted towards development purposes, the application requires you to undergo no installation process and also lacks a dedicated interface. It is delivered in the form of a compressed package that contains necessary files, as well as documentation that helps you easily implement the player in your web project.

A neat alternative to industry giants

You might consider there isn't a great demand of variety when it comes to the utility that renders and plays Flash videos. However, due to the lack of customization options, boredom is a risk factor that can erupt in any given moment.

Amongst the files deployed on your computer, and example is offered that brings up your default web browser in order to get a glimpse of how the player actually works and feels. A modern touch is felt in the design, with necessary playback options emphasized with intuitive and animated buttons.

A little programming experience required

If you're reading this in hopes of simply finding a player capable of rendering Flash videos, your search is in vain. This tool is strictly meant to be implemented in websites, with no offline usage whatsoever.

The provided documentation is more than helpful when it comes to figuring out implementation methods. It represents nothing more that a well-structured PDF document, equipped with step-by-step guidance and exemplification.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Flash Video Player is a handy alternative to the already existing giants on the market. There's nothing new brought on the block, but if you want the web page you're working on to be a little different than the rest, this might just be the package for you.

Flash Video Player was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
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