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A web animation authoring tool that creates Flash movies

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KoolMoves in a software that enables you to create Flash animations in just a few steps.

The program has a clean and intuitive interface, so you shouldn't have any problems getting around its features. It can be used by both novices and expert individuals.

You can use basic tools such as select or move objects or points, add a regular or dynamic text, import images and SWF files, as well as create an empty movie clip or button.

But you can also convert selected objects to a movie clip or button, draw a line point by point, draw standard shapes, add or delete a point or curve to the shape boundary.

Furthermore, you can fill with solid color, gradient or image, scale, rotate, flip, slant, squish, perspective, as well as add various effects (e.g. fade, size, spin, rotate, drop shadow).

Moreover, you can edit a frame in Action Script, add actions and sounds, zoom in and out, reposition the movie frame, view a timeline and storyboard, change the object depth, break text apart, increase the movie length, change its speed, width and height, preview it in the web browser, and more.

The application uses a moderate amount of system resources, includes a comprehensive help file with images and interactive tutorials, supports several languages and didn't freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. We strongly recommend KoolMoves to all users who are interested in web design, especially Flash development.
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Last updated on May 20th, 2015
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KoolMoves - You can use the main window of the application to create new projects and access all the options.KoolMoves - KoolMoves is a software that allows you to cut / copy shapes and access the zoom function from the context menu.KoolMoves - You can easily clear the edit buffer and access the Cut / Copy / Delete Objects function from the Edit menu.KoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMovesKoolMoves

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