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A lightweight, yet comprehensive tool that gives you the possibility to fully edit shared object files or create your own from scratch

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Oftentimes working with Macromedia Flash files can be less easy than one would assume and a simple file editor may not be sufficient for handling specific types. Among those filetypes, SOL (shared object file) is one that Flash developers encounter quite frequently.

Lightweight and easy to use

To view the content of such items and modify it, having a specialized utility is a must. One of the tools that can get the job done fast and with no fuss is Sol Editor. Small in size and easy to install, the software is designed to be used by anyone with minimal efforts.

The application comes with a clean interface that has all the features neatly organized and ready for use right from the main window. To help you even more, a built-in sample file is included in the installation package and you can load that one before anything else to better understand how to operate the software.

Find and manage SOL files

Sol Editor allows you to view and modify the values with a couple of clicks. You can add strings, numbers, pointers, objects, arrays and more with a simple right-click in the area where the components are displayed in a tree view.

A neat feature of this program is the shared object explorer Sol Editor comes bundled with. You can find it under the 'File' menu and use it to browse and find SOL files starting from the default location Macromedia Flash Player stores them.

When an item is loaded, you can expand it to check out all the components and their default values which can be changed on the spot. As soon as everything you wanted to alter is in its place, you can save the file with one click.

To end with

All in all, Sol Editor is quite easy to use and performs very well so it will surely meet the requirements of many developers on the lookout for such a utility. The cleverly simple design combines a minimal interface with several powerful tools, letting you both edit existing files or create new ones from scratch.

Sol Editor was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
Sol Editor - The main window of Sol Editor allows you to easily display the content of the file and change the values for each object

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