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Intuitive software which helps to code in HTML

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These days webdesign is becoming an increasing necessity and learning to design your own pages is a big plus. By using an HTML editor you can reduce the execution time for building up websites by half or more. One of these editors is Basic HTML Editor.

Simple interface

This program is organized in a single working area and has all the main shortcuts placed within easy mouse access at the top of the window. The working environment is divided into two smaller windows. The first one displays the code accessed from the predefined buttons, while the second shows your entire HTML document. You can choose from different predefined tag buttons the specific elements you want to add to the output HTML. You can add a page title, insert a table or image link and handle your paragraphs.

Style your text

Furthermore, you can insert different links, change the font and font style. With the help of the instructions between starting and ending tag elements, it's easy to insert your favorite values. You can use common text styles like Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana.


To summarize, we can say that Basic HTML Editor handles beautifully all the common HTML commands and tags that a web designer requires, all packed in a lightweight app. The utility can be easily managed by both advanced and inexperienced users thanks to the built-in tag instructions. The tool displays no errors and the impact on system resources is minimum.

Basic HTML Editor was reviewed by Ionut Constantinescu
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
Basic HTML Editor - The main window of Basic HTML Editor enables you to start writing your HTML code.Basic HTML Editor - You can customize the font used by using the designated menu.

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