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A lightweight, yet efficient application that acts both as a compiler and debugger for various JavaScript source code files and snippets

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JavaScript(JS) is a programming language widely used in web design and in the development of games and or desktop and mobile applications.

JSKing is a handy piece of software tailored to work with JavaScript source code files, allowing you to edit, run or debug them, depending on the problem they present.

Intuitive tool for editing and running JavaScript files

The application allows you to view the content of JS source code files, then edit and compile it, to see if the added code blocks are correct. Furthermore, you are able to quickly debug your code snippets, just in case some logical error occurred and your code does not compile properly.

Furthermore, the program highlights the syntax of the keywords specific to the JavaScript programming language, so you can easily spot functions, variables and other similar elements. When running a script or code snippet, the application will display if any runtime errors occurred, pointing you to the line or lines that have problems, thus allowing you to quickly spot and fix any code breakpoints.

Handy source code compressor

JSKing provides you with a small, yet important utility that compresses your source code files and snippets. This means that it eliminates any unnecessary characters or elements that do not affect the functionality of your code, such as blank spaces or comments.

This is a highly useful feature, because most JavaScript source files run on the web, thus reducing their size can optimize loading speeds and webpage responsiveness.

An overall flexible and sturdy code editor

To conclude, JSKing provides you with an efficient environment for creating, editing, debugging and compiling JavaScript source code pages, script and snippets. As with any new arrival, it still has some features that need polishing, such as the addition of multiple tabs for each source code file, which could significantly increase accessibility.

JSKing was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
JSKing - JSKing allows you to interpret and compile JavaScript code snippets or debug them on the spot.JSKing - You can debug source code files using the built-in tool, which spots errors or logical flaws in the code.JSKing - By accessing the Compressor Dialog window, you can eliminate unnecessary lines or comments, to reduce file size.

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