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A lightweight and very simple to handle application aimed to function as an HTML editor which works well in on-the-fly scenarios

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Mosrille HTMLJuction is an intuitive and quite easy to understand piece of software designed as a HTML editor, which you can use to modify or improve your Hyper Text Markup Language files, in just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

No installation necessary

Once downloaded, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, as the application does not require installation in order to function properly.

As such, you can store Mosrille HTMLJuction one a portable memory device and take it with you anywhere you go, using it on all compatible PCs and removing it when done, without a trace left on the host computer.

Open, edit, preview and export your HTML files on the fly

The main window enables you to open the source HTML file from your system, but also create a new one from scratch. Aside from typing or pasting text from clipboard, Mosrille HTMLJuction also supports cut, copy and paste operations, as well as ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’ actions.

The ribbon buttons help you insert various HTML tags into the document. Consequently, you can add the ‘Main HTML’, different types of headings, paragraphs, pictures, divisions or links. If your file has a title, it will be displayed in a non-editable box.

The preview window on the lower edge allows you to see how your modifications alter the final document, while from the ‘File’ menu, you can save your document to MHT, HTM, HTML or TXT format, using a preferred encoding type; similarly, you can save it to ‘Rough Column’.

A simple HTML editor and previewer

To summarize, Mosrille HTMLJuction is a handy though rather basic program, aimed to help you edit HTML files or build new ones. The limited number of functions can easily be attributed to the fact that the utility is still undergoing development, so you can expect new components in the future.

Mosrille HTMLJuction was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 2nd, 2014
Mosrille HTMLJuction - The main window of Mosrille HTMLJuction allows you to open an existing HTML file or create a new one.Mosrille HTMLJuction - From the File menu, you are able to create a new file, load an existing one, as well as save it on your computer.Mosrille HTMLJuction - The user can undo or redo changes made, cut and copy text from the Edit drop-down menu.

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