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This efficient and reliable application functions as an HTML editor with preview functions as well as a Tidy module for HTML 4 to clean up your files

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TidExpress Lite is a lightweight and very easy to understand software solution whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of editing your HTML files with the least amount of effort, offering you a ‘Tidy’ tool which can successfully clean the document of some of its errors.

User-friendly and functional appearance

Following the download process, you need only decompress the archive and run the executable, as the application does not require installation in order to be able to function properly.

The main window features a tabbed interface which allows you to easily switch between ‘Editor’ and ‘Preview’ mode, whenever you want to see the results of your work. The upper toolbar lets you ‘Tidy’ your file, as well as insert HTML tags or attributes with a single click.

Effortlessly open and edit your HTMLs, previewing the results to make sure they meet your requirements

TidExpress Lite enables you to create a new HTML file from scratch, or open an existing one, either by browsing through your PC and loading the targeted item or by drag and dropping the item over the program. The contents of the file can be displayed in ‘WordWrap’ and you also have the possibility of customizing the font size.

From the ‘HTML Tags’, ‘HTML Attributes’ and the context menu, you have the possibility of inserting new elements in your file automatically, without having to type them by hand, thus saving you significant time and effort.

The ‘Tidy’ feature comprises three main elements, namely ‘Analyze’, ‘Clean’ and ‘Undo Clean’. The first helps you identify any errors in your HTML document, signaling each one in the left-side panel. These errors can however be corrected with the help of the ‘Clean’ function. If the results do not satisfy your needs, you always have the option of undoing them.

A handy HTML editing instrument

To summarize, TidExpress Lite is a useful and efficient utility that was designed to assist HTML developers with the task of creating, editing, correcting and previewing your files, before publishing them online.

TidExpress was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 17th, 2014
TidExpress - The main window of TidExpress Lite allows you to load and analyze your HTML documentsTidExpress - From the context menu, you can insert a series of elements into your HTML filesTidExpress - The Preview tab enables you to get an idea of how your HTML file would look like in a browserTidExpress - screenshot #4TidExpress - screenshot #5TidExpress - screenshot #6TidExpress - screenshot #7

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