Actional Diagnostics

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Build, test and deliver Web services for SOA, REST and POX with reduced complexity of XML




Developing and deploying high-quality, well performing, compliant Web services is no easy task. The inherent complexities in a service lifecycle that involves frequent updates and shorter QA cycles, together with the challenges of working with distributed services that have interdependencies, can make development a long and arduous process.

Progress Actional Diagnostics helps overcome those challenges by reducing the complexity of developing, testing and validating XML-based services, and by making unit testing and compliance checking accessible earlier in the lifecycle and easier to accomplish.

Actional Diagnostics accelerates problem diagnosis and resolution, service testing, compliance validation, and quality assurance, with easy-to-use tools for:

· Code-free problem resolution through the ability to understand service behavior and identify problems throughout the lifecycle without the need to write code.
· Validating performance, quality, and compliance to quickly and easily perform unit, functional, load, compliance, regression, and acceptance testing on services.
· Deep visibility into service behavior and potential bottlenecks by being able to follow process flows and map interdependencies early in the lifecycle, when problems are easier to find and less costly to fix.

Give Actional Diagnostics a try to fully asses its capabilities!
Last updated on June 4th, 2010

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