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A lightweight and easy to use application developed to provide you with the means of easily generating captcha images for your website

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Captcha Factory is an intuitive and fairly simple to understand piece of software aimed at offering you the means of creating captcha images for your website, enabling you to verify the individuals who access it and make sure they are not robots.

Installation notice

During the installation process, you should bear in mind that the program will prompt you to install third party tools, but you have the option of declining the offer, after which the process continues as normal.

Once complete, you can launch Captcha Factory and start working with it immediately, as it requires no prior knowledge with similar tools in order to fully benefit from its functions.

Basic yet practical looks

The utility features a simple interface, with a single, non-resizable window comprising both the customizable options, the result window and the export function, all in a single location.

Using the sliders, you can adjust several captcha design preferences, including font size, inclination angle and number of characters, without much fuss.

Create, generate and export your captcha

For starters, you will need to set the ‘Text Length’, the minimum supported value being six characters. You can then opt for a certain font from the drop down menu, which ever you may like best.

The ‘Min FontSize’ and ‘Max FontSize’ sliders allow you to decide the range of the characters’ dimensions, the smallest value being 6, while the largest you can use is 80. At the same time Captcha Factory lets you set a ‘Min Angle’ and ‘Max Angle’, as well as a ‘Pen Size’.

Afterward, you can press the ‘Generate’ button, which will display the code in the dedicated panel. In order to export it to PNG, the default format, you first need to validate it by entering the characters in the proper field. Once validated, a new one replaces it.

Handy captcha generator

To conclude, Captcha Factory is a useful and efficient application that can successfully assist you in outputting captcha pictures. However, it is only able to generate one image at a time, so if you require multiple items, the process might take you quite a while.

Captcha Factory was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 14th, 2014
Captcha Factory - Captcha Factory is a simple tool that enables you to generate customizable captcha codes for your website

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