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A professional color-matching program that allows you build beautiful color schemes, identify colors from a photo or find complementary tinges

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ColorSchemer Studio is an intuitive and easy to use application designed to help you create color schemes and palettes, as well as identify the HEX code for each nuance.

The colorful wheel

The Color wheel contains the spectrum divided into twelve colors and automatically modifies its hues, intensity or luminosity the moment you click on a certain color from the palette. For instance, clicking on dark blue changes all the colors to darker tinges.

On the left, you may view a color box and the RGB level sliders, as well as hue, saturation and brightness adjustment buttons. Additionally, you may switch to spectrum view or to Library and find a large collection of colors with creative names.

Design your own scheme or download existing ones

You may create several color profiles and gather nuances from multiple sources. Thus, the COLOURlovers gallery may serve as inspiration, since it is an online collection of color schemes created by other users.

Alternatively, you may load a photo and select colors, using the intuitive color picker, or use the Eye dropper tool and pick a nuance from any area on your desktop. The color collections can serve as schemes for webpages, blogs, forums or articles. Simply open the quick preview and drag-n-drop the one of the colors from a palette.

Build LiveScheme formulas

The software helps you create color schemes using color theory principles, or based on your imagination. Simply open the spectrum circle and use the spider web selector to pick certain colors. You may create a harmony scheme of complementary colors, split-complements, triads, tetrads, analogous or monochromatic nuances.

Each of the harmony types creates a color picker structure with two or more branches, that indicate the color pattern. Thus if you move the main pointer to a certain color, the others follow it and mark the complementary colors, for example. Additionally, you may simulate different types of colorblind vision or create variations based on hue, saturation or brightness.


ColorSchemer Studio is a useful tool that enables you to identify and save your favorite colors, as well as create numerous schemes, for your webpage, blog or article layout. It can challenge your imagination in creating color harmonies and allow you to save a collection as a CS file, in order to use it with other applications.

ColorSchemer Studio was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 26th, 2014
ColorSchemer Studio - ColorSchemer Studio is an easy to use color mixing software that enables you to create palettes and find complementary tinges.ColorSchemer Studio - The software enables you to connect to COLOURlovers and analyze the schemes created by other users.ColorSchemer Studio - You may load any photo from your computer and identify several raw colors contained within, at the same time.ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #4ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #5ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #6ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #7ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #8ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #9ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #10ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #11ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #12ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #13ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #14ColorSchemer Studio - screenshot #15

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