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Environment for development and editing of XML, DTD, and XSLT documents, with support for syntax coloring and multiple XSLT engines

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Designed as a development and editing environment for XML, DTD and XSLT documents, Cooktop integrates features such as color-coding, validation of the file as well as stylesheet testing with multiple XSLT engines.

Simple installation, minimalist looks

The application installs easily on the system, the process being straightforward and not demanding too much attention or effort from the user.

Looks are simple and to the point, with options stored in drop-down menus available in the upper part of the screen.

Flexible work space

When opening a new file you can choose to open a DTD (document type definition) editor, a stylesheet or a web browser that can be used for testing purposes.

Multiple documents can be opened at the same time, the Window menu offering the possibility to organize them in tiles or in cascade as well as to close them.

The XML support allows formatting this type of documents, validating them or running a XSLT engine from the list available in Cooktop; among others, it includes MSXML, MSXSL, .NET, Unicorn, XT, Oracle, Infoteria, Xalan and Saxon.

The application is suitable for web development, especially when the activity involves plenty of XML manipulation. However, it has been some time since the project received attention from the developer and plenty of the resources are no longer available.

Aimed at professionals, it may falter in the face of modern tasks

Cooktop is targeted at professional web developers but even so, it has been a long time since the application received an update and it may no longer be suitable for modern tasks.

CookTop was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 9th, 2014
CookTop - Cooktop is the most popular editor for XML, XSLT and DTD documents and that's because of its many useful features mixing with an user-friendly interfaceCookTop - CookTop also allows you to validate or format the XML document, as well as choose to run XSLT with different optionsCookTop - The Code Bits feature is also very complex and with many formats and options supportedCookTop - You may associate some xml file extensions (.disco, .smo, .xsd, .svg, etc.) with Cooktop and even add new onesCookTop - Some basic editing options are also available so that you may configure Cooktop to run exactly the way you need it to runCookTop - You may enable tracing categories - system, XSLT engine, HTTP server or Web BrowserCookTop - Cooktop allows you to customize the toolbar and the status bar, as well as use a reliable XSLT engine

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