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A simple application that was especially designed in order to help anyone interested in putting together a website layout using CSS

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Generating website layouts is not too difficult nowadays because there are numerous applications dedicated to this purpose. If most web designers are looking for newer and more powerful tools that can help them create original webpages, some of the older utilities are still around for those who want to try old-school techniques.

Css Div Generator is one such software solution that was meant to facilitate the creation of website designs based on the CSS style sheet language.

Simple GUI for drawing webpage elements

An advantage of this program is the fact that it can be deployed right away, without requiring installation. Simply unpack the archive and you will find Css Div Generator ready to be used immediately.

The main window is divided into small squares which make it easier for anyone to draw the desired forms and see how the layout will look like, while placing the elements one next to the other with precision.

Placement details and one-click code generation

The way in which Css Div Generator functions is quite simple, yet getting the app to run on a modern system is more troublesome than one would expect. In fact, since it was created for Windows XP and perhaps earlier operating systems, on modern PCs with the latest iterations of Windows installed, this tool might simply not work at all.

Nonetheless, if you manage to run it properly, drawing the layout becomes very simple because the operation involves using the mouse for shaping the elements and the directional keys (arrows) to move it to the desired location. Having the CSS code created will require just a single click on the dedicated command which can be found under the 'File' menu.

Uncomplicated CSS website layout creator for older systems

All things considered, Css Div Generator can be quite useful for those who are looking to shape into being a new webpage without having to write a single line of code. The drawing method might be easy, but the fact that it's very difficult to make this application function on newer PCs will certainly make most users look for another utility.

Css Div Generator was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
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