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HitMan is a program for the professional webmaster, the owner of web sites, the software developer and for the occasional web site designer to keep track of downloads and number of visitors.

You don't need any programing skills nor be a computer literate other than knowing the basics to run a program and to use the mouse and keyboard.

HitMan will enable you to track and monitor file downloads and page hits from a convenient windows console.

HitMan is multilingual through importing custom language packs. If you want to know how many people is visiting determinate pages of your web site or how many of your files are being downloaded HitMan let you track virtually any amount of links while you watch the activity of your counters in real time from your desktop.

You can set Alarms for any and all of your counters and be informed when a timer reaches a certain amount. It can trigger diverse type of alerts suck as activating a pager or sending an email.

You can also use HitMan as a medium to hide the real location and file name of your files without interfering your site's normal operations. In this way every download counts and no one can steal from your site.

At the touch of a button HitMan creates links for your file downloads, command strings for page views and to display counters. It can also insert those links and command strings in your pages reliving you from having to edit any code.

If your pages are already online, HitMan, at your command can import links from any website to help you converting them to HitMan links. You can reset your counters at any time, or break the links without resetting nor losing any data at all.

HitMan operation is totally flexible and safe and for the benefit of the doubt it automatically stores copies of your counters so minimizing the risk of losing data due to remote technical problems or human error.

You can allow third parties to retrieve your counters logs at any time directly from your HitMan console. So if you need to show somebody your website success..
Last updated on July 19th, 2008
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