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A small and efficient set of tools especially created to activate XML validation and to make XSLT output readable inside Internet Explorer




XML validation and XSLT viewing used to require, at least when using Microsoft's proprietary browser, a separate set of utilities to get this task done. Those interested in carrying out this kind of jobs would have to resort to a light piece of kit that goes by the name of IE XML/XSL Viewer Tools.

The files that are included in this package act more like Internet Explorer add-ins and will extend its capability by making the browser able to support the validation of XML documents. What's more, once the necessary components are set in place, XSLT output that is shown inside IE will become available.

In order to install the software onto a computer, running the executable is the first step of the process. After the files are unpacked into their own directory, you will have to continue manually and set up the two INF files by right-clicking each of them and selecting the 'Install' command.

As soon as these simple proceedings are done, you can check if they have been added and whether they are functional by simply loading an XML file in Internet Explorer and right-clicking inside it. If everything worked out well, there should be a couple of new entries in the context menu, namely 'Validate XML' and 'View XSL Output'.

The documentation that is available alongside the main files of IE XML/XSL Viewer Tools will help make things a bit more clear in case you want to view the instructions provided by Microsoft for this package.
Last updated on March 15th, 2012

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