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A rather simple, yet useful application designed to help web designers quickly generate functional maps for the websites they create

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Map Maker for Google Maps can prove useful for situations when you need to place a map on a website in order for the visitors to quickly find the location of your headquarters. This is a common practice for company websites, allowing those who are interested to easily connect to Google's map service in order to get directions for reaching its whereabouts.

What Map Maker for Google Maps actually does is generate the JavaScript code for a map of custom dimensions, which can then be integrated in a website and published online.

Ease of use is definitely one of its main strong points, since all you must in order to generate the code is specify the desired location and the map characteristics.

The main interface is simplistic, comprising two tabs, one for entering the company details (the name, the address and the phone number) and the other dedicated to configuring the map size. The height, width and the permitted zoom level are customizable parameters.

The code is automatically generated when pressing the designated button and can be easily sent to the clipboard and pasted into an IDE for further processing. But before doing so, you have the possibility to get a preview of what your map looks like when displayed in a web browser, in both satellite and regular view.

The created map can interact with the Google Maps service to get directions from the user's location to your company's headquarters and offer them instructions on how to get there as fast as possible. Those who are familiar with JavaScript can delete the corresponding section from the code in order to have this feature removed.

Map Maker for Google Maps can ease the work of many website designers by automatically creating a code snippet that generates a fully-functional Google map. The ease of use recommends it to both beginners and advanced users.

Map Maker for Google Maps was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on December 27th, 2013
Map Maker for Google Maps - Map Maker for Google Maps is a handy and reliable application designed to generate Google Maps in the form of scripts.Map Maker for Google Maps - In this window of Map Maker for Google Maps, you will be able to view the generated code.

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