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A compact and reliable application that helps users generate online galleries by using photos and images from their local computer

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In order to upload images on a server, you usually have to embed each one of them in your HTML code, them upload them on your server. This can be pretty tiresome when working with a large quantity of images.

OnlineGalerie Pro is a reliable application that can help you create a slideshow with your favorite images, then upload it to your website. Although there are no special requirements for the application, you need a FTP server in order to be able to upload your image gallery.

Fast image gallery creator

The program helps you create image galleries or slideshows using photos from your computer. You can give a name to your gallery, then add photos along with a small description for each one. The application supports only JPG images, as they are optimized for web use, because of their quality to size ratio.

Furthermore, you can slightly modify each picture in your slideshow, by flipping or mirroring it. When creating the HTML page, you can set certain gallery properties, such as the number of pictures in a row or the width and height of each thumbnail.

In addition, you can customize your gallery layout, such as the background or text color, as well as the buttons used to manipulate the pictures. This ensures gallery diversity, as every slideshow created will look different from others.

In order to upload your gallery, you need to specify the FTP server you are using for your website. Besides that, you need to enter the port used for the transfer, along with your user and password credentials, if you have any.

A powerful photo slideshow creator

OnlineGalerie Pro allows you to create an elegant slideshow with your favorite images and photos, then customize it and upload it to your website.

OnlineGalerie Pro was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on April 4th, 2014
OnlineGalerie Pro - The application allows you to create online slideshow galleries using photos from your computer.OnlineGalerie Pro - You can create a custom HTML page that contains your photos and tht can be uploaded on a webpage.OnlineGalerie Pro - You can enter the FTP server you use, along with additional user credentials if necessary.OnlineGalerie Pro - screenshot #4

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