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Create custom online surveys with a variety of questions and answer types with the help of this platform independent piece of software






Opinio is a comprehensive web design solution intended for individuals who need to create and publish on their website various polls, surveys and questionnaires, enabling them to create each form from scratch, and then publish it.

The utility requires Java to be present on the host system, as well as a web server with a Servlet/JSP container. Among the supported servers are Tomcat, MySQL, and Oracle. Evidently, its setup is not intended for novices, but the hefty documentation that Opinio comes with along with the educational videos, it can easily fill in any gaps.

Similarly, it provides users with numerous sample files to practice and play around with, enabling them to determine how much they could benefit from what the software has to offer.

To create new surveys, Opinio requires users to assign each new entry a name, preferably related to the addressed topic, for easier management. The corresponding URL is automatically generated and can be viewed in the ‘Survey Administration’ section, alongside other details about it.

Subsequently, they can start adding questions, manually inputting each one then selecting the type of answer: ‘Rating’, ‘Multiple Choice’, ‘Numeric’, ‘DropDown’, Matrix’ or ‘No Type’.

Depending on the choice of answer types, users will also need to define the minimum and maximum label values, choice labels, integer or decimal numbers. For freely written answers, users should go with the ‘No Type’ option.

Once the poll or questionnaire is complete, users can preview the survey to make sure it matches their requirements or to perform any additional adjustments if necessary.

Finally, the survey can be published, so people can begin taking it online, also allowing users to receive their responses. Alternately, users have the option of importing existing files, as well as export recently created ones.
Last updated on September 17th, 2015
Opinio - Opinio is a complex piece of software that can assist you in creating online pollsOpinio - You can assign each survey that you create a different name, depending on its topicOpinio - In the Survey Administration section, you can view various details about your pollOpinio - screenshot #4Opinio - screenshot #5Opinio - screenshot #6

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