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Displays the current and the upcoming weather forecasts and other similar information within a stylish and intuitive Metro interface

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AccuWeather for Windows 8 acts as your own personal meteorologist that can notify you about upcoming storms or bright, sunny days. Built for Windows 8 computers only, it is a stylish Metro application that uses the dedicated online forecasting service in order to retrieve accurate data on the current and the future weather condition.

The array of information that it provides is definitely worth-appreciating. You can view the temperature for the selected location in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, alongside a short description of the current condition.

Additionally, the program displays other meteorological data, such as the wind speed and direction, the probability of precipitations and their type, the snow and the ice cover thickness (if any), as well as the Ultraviolet (UV) index prediction.

Aside from the daily forecast, the application includes an interactive timeline comprising details concerning the foreseen temperatures for a period of time of up to four weeks, both night and daytime.

You can add more than one location to the list and view weather information side by side for each one. Meteorologists will be glad to know that AccuWeather for Windows 8 allows the visualization of complete weather maps from anywhere around the Earth, enabling them to get an overview of the satellite images without requiring a professional application.

On the other side, regular users can view the consequences of weather condition on their health or various outdoor activities (such as travelling, jogging or fishing) or read the latest AccuWeather news and watch recently posted videos.

AccuWeather for Windows 8 can offer a great deal of accurate information on the weather forecast for any location in the world. The shown data is automatically refreshed once every 15 minutes, telling you whether you should carry the umbrella along with you or not.

AccuWeather for Windows 8 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 25th, 2014
AccuWeather for Windows 8 - AccuWeather for Windows 8 features a modern interface that displays the current weather conditions for your location.AccuWeather for Windows 8 - AccuWeather for Windows 8 is able to add as many locations as you want for weather forecasts.AccuWeather for Windows 8 - AccuWeather for Windows 8 provides an overview of all the locations that you have added so far.AccuWeather for Windows 8 - screenshot #4AccuWeather for Windows 8 - screenshot #5AccuWeather for Windows 8 - screenshot #6AccuWeather for Windows 8 - screenshot #7

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