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F5 is a weather prediction application that creates maps for temperature, precipitation values, moisture and so many others. This is a fully-featured tool that keeps you up to date with the current weather conditions in a professional manner.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance because the app comprises many useful features. However, it sports a straightforward layout and you should be able to navigate throughout the app pretty quickly.

The app provides comprehensive weather details such as dew point, wind gusts, heat index, relative humidity, sea level pressure, temperature, visibility, wind speed and so many others. It’s pretty easy to create a new map and to erase the existing one.

F5 automatically updates your maps and downloads forecasts every three hours. It manages to provide accurate weather predictions and you can even select the data source (NAM-WRF, GFS and others).

It is possible to zoom on a certain location on the map, to specify the forecast hour, to add multiple layers and to change the map’s color and font. F5 provides satellite imagery and an advanced built-in calculator for converting temperature, distance, pressure and wind.

It keeps you up to date with the meteorological conditions and it displays severe thunderstorm, frost, flood and wind warnings.

To sum up, F5 is definitely a useful software solution that allows users to create maps for multiple zones on the globe. It bundles a huge backpack of features that can help you view the current weather conditions in a detailed way.

F5 was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on July 29th, 2015
F5 - F5 is a handy and reliable application that allows you to generate weather maps.F5 - Within the Options menu, you can access the map options and set the current view as default.F5 - The Map Options window enables you to choose the limit values that the map should display.F5

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