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The application is an agile frog living in a jar. He shows the weather forecast for more than 700 international cities

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There are many apps out there capable of bringing the weather forecast right on your desktop, but Froggy struggles to make a name for itself with a very innovative approach.

Instead of a standard interface, Froggy relies on a rather unusual GUI, with a frog that sits in a jar placed on your desktop and performs several actions depending on the current weather conditions.

For example, if Froggy detects bad weather, it quietly sits in the jar, while a sunny day makes him climb up on the leader and smile.

The application can show the weather for lots of cities from all over the world and although it provides such a special interface, it’s still very difficult to figure out how to set up the built-in features.

There are some buttons right in the main window, which is actually the one with the frog and the jar, but the amount of information provided to the user is minimal.

It can show the weather forecast in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units, while the configuration screen also lets you select a different language, set up proxy servers and turn on the sound.

An Internet connection is obviously needed, but otherwise Froggy remains a very resource-friendly application, with a reduced footprint on the overall system performance.

All in all, Froggy is just an interesting project, but the overall product is rather disappointing. The interface may come unhandy to most of the users since it stays always on top, while the number of features is fairly small.

Froggy was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 8th, 2012
Froggy - Froggy will provide users with an animation according to the forecast for the selected cityFroggy - The Options window will provide users with a list of preferences like Select a language, Proxy settings or ExtendedFroggy - Users will be able to access options such as Automatic start of the application, Hide data window in case of mouse over or Sound

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