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Get instant access to your local temperature and severe-weather alerts

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The Weather Channel Desktop is a software solution that brings the local temperature along with detailed forecasts and severe weather alerts straight on your desktop.

The interface is similar to a screen that shows the current temperature for your default location, as well as other meteorological parameters such as humidity, pressure and wind. In addition, The Weather Channel Desktop displays the dew point, visibility, moon phase, sunset and sunrise times.

Last but not least, the application provides users with a quick overview for the next three hours, three days or the upcoming weekend, displaying not only the forecast temperature but also chances of precipitations.

An interesting feature of the program is the built-in System Tray icon that keeps users up to date with local temperature but, unfortunately, customization options are completely missing. You cannot change background or text colors at all, so you're stuck with a white font on a blue background.

There is a settings menu as well that enables you to configure locations and alert options, but also offers access to a pretty rich theme center with a lot of different skins.

Of course, you can configure the app to work with both Fahrenheit and Celsius units, play alert sounds, animate the Weather Today area when Desktop starts and show tooltips or not.

There’s no doubt that The Weather Channel Desktop is a very handy tool, but it still needs some improvements in many key areas, especially in the way the weather forecast is presented to the user.

The Weather Channel App was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on November 22nd, 2013
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