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You can use this lightweight and effective piece of software to learn the current temperature and weather conditions in your city

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WEATHER PING is a user-friendly and very simple to understand forecast utility whose main purpose is to offer you a set of basic information about the current outside conditions, including temperature, wind speed and humidity.

Clean and intuitive looks

The application features a small, non-adjustable window, displaying the city it automatically detects on your system, along with the general assessment of the weather.

Its tabbed interface helps you switch between ‘TODAY’, the ‘5 DAYS’ prediction and the ‘SETUP’ section, where you can change the unit system or the monitored city.

Learn about the current weather conditions right from your desktop

The tool displays the current date and temperature for your city, as well as the ‘WIND CHILL’ (meaning the degrees felt by a person due to wind), which may or may not vary from the thermometer value, depending on the situation. It also displays the ‘WIND SPEED’ and the ‘HUMIDITY’ level in percentage.

You can learn the ‘SUN UP’ and ‘SUN DOWN’ times for the current day. From the ‘5 DAYS’ tab, you can get an overview of the weather forecast for the upcoming period, including the minimum and maximum temperatures and the approximate conditions ( ‘Sunny’, ‘Thunderstorms’, ‘Cloudy’, etc).

While you are able to learn the forecast for your own city, WEATHER PING also lets you change the location, so you can learn, for instance, what it will be like in the city you are planning to spend your holiday. Other functioning preferences allow you to choose the unit system or whether to automatically run the program at Windows startup.

A handy desktop forecaster

Overall, WEATHER PING proves to be an efficient and reliable piece of software that you can resort to whenever you plan on going outside and want to dress appropriately, as you can quickly learn the temperature estimates for the current day.

WEATHER PING was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
WEATHER PING - WEATHER PING is a simple tool that helps you learn the current temperature for your city or another oneWEATHER PING - From the 5 DAYS tab, you can view the weather forecast for several days in advanceWEATHER PING - The SETUP tab enables you to change the temperature scale or the city whose weather you want to learn

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