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Weather Buddy - Small weather monitor that displays the current temperature (F) in the system tray






Weather Buddy is a small software application that will conveniently display the current temperature for any U.S. zip-code in the system tray of your desktop at no cost to you!

Just enter any US zip code, to select the city to monitor.

Color and font of the tray display can be customized.

Here are some key features of "Weather Buddy":

■ Fully customizable font, style, size and color
■ No annoying advertisements
■ Continuously updates temperature at regular intervals
■ Absolutely FREE!


■ Internet connection
■ .NET Framework version 1.0 or higher, available here.

From the author:
"I am sorry to report that I am forced to discontinue Weather Buddy. The web service that provides the temperature is no longer available, and I cannot find another free one that easily plugs in.

While you are still free to examine the source code for Weather Buddy, it does not return a temperature, and is therefore useless except as a programming learning tool."
Last updated on November 12th, 2004
Weather BuddyWeather Buddy

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