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Shows the weather in a specific location

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WeatherBar is a Windows freeware tool designed to show temperature and the weather forecast right in the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Although we've seen lots of similar weather software solutions with many configuration options, WeatherBar remains very simple and presents just a limited amount of features.

The design of the main window isn't quite impressive, but it still shows the current temperature and the weather forecast for the next three days. While you cannot choose to see temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, WeatherBar displays the current conditions in both formats, while it relies exclusively on Fahrenheit units for the weather forecast of the next three days.

Picking a new location is as easy as pie because users only need to input the city in a dedicated field, with WeatherBar doing the rest of the job.

But what's the most important feature of the program is its ability to place an icon in the Taskbar and display current weather conditions in an easy to read place. Plus, right-clicking the Taskbar icon also shows the full forecast, again a great utility for those who don't want to waste too much time for such a simple task.

On the down side however, you cannot customize the look, it doesn't have a System Tray icon and you can't even place the current weather forecast on the desktop, below the rest of the windows for quick access.

WeatherBar runs on low resources all the time and works just fine on all types of Windows, but it's specifically optimized for Windows 7.

Overall, WeatherBar is indeed an interesting weather forecast solution, showing the current temperature in the Taskbar and providing minimum configuration options.

WeatherBar was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 21st, 2012
WeatherBar - This is the main window of WeatherBar where you can view the weather forecast for several daysWeatherBar - When you want to change the location, you simply need to select the state then pick a townWeatherBar - You can access this window when you want to modify the update interval and the temperature scale

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