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This compact application allows you to set the time for a miniature camera by generating a text file with the current date and time

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Alternate Time File Generator is a lightweight application designed to help you configure the time on spy cameras or other cameras that are built in clocks and similar devices. It allows you to set the time by generating a text file with the metadata required for the video recording.

Miniature cameras are used for capturing images for surveillance purposes and have the advantage of being embedded in small devices such as pens or keychains. Unfortunately, not all cameras have the option to set the time which is important when reviewing certain videos.

Some of these cameras have the ability to read the time information from a text file saved on the device memory. In order to configure the desired values you need to edit the existent file or create one for the devices that do not include one by default.

This application allows you to create the file with the correct structure and content in order to display the current time. By using it you can be sure that the date is displayed correctly and avoid any mistakes in editing the configuration.

It is built to retrieve the time from your computer and insert it in the TAG.TXT or TIME.TXT file before saving it on your device. You can also edit the values manually if you want to change the displayed information.

Although you can find tutorials on the Internet, the Alternate Time File Generator can be useful when you need to quickly generate the time-file. It is lightweight and allows you to use both single-line and multi-line structures.

Alternate Time File Generator was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 3rd, 2014
Alternate Time File Generator - Alternate Time File Generator allows you to quickly generate a file with the desired time for your camera.

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