CamPro Express 64

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A powerful software solution that is especially tailored for surveillance systems that involve the use of multiple types of cameras

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Camera-based monitoring systems are almost every time accompanied by some dedicated application that is mean to to take care of the management, data storage and other administration tasks related to the equipment itself as well as to the recorded content.

Among the utilities that are specifically designed for such purposes, you might come across the one that goes by the name of CamPro Express 64.

Easy installation and generous views

Setting up this program is not too difficult, but it will require a system reboot at the end of the procedure, in order to have all the functions come into effect. Once that is taken care of, the system should be ready to welcome you and enjoy all its features.

The layout of the main window is pretty well organized, with plenty of space reserved for the live view(s) and with all the commands and camera information easily accessible.

Multiple views and remote accessibility

In order to facilitate the management of several IP cameras, CamPro Express 64 provides a set of viewing options that will enable you to have up to 64 live streams onto your screen.

A nice characteristic of this application is the ability to access the conn3ected cameras remotely, thanks to the web interface. Once connected that way, you will have at your disposal the same commands for controlling the views as when in front of the computer

Special monitoring functions

CamPro Express 64 is able to respond to motion sensor triggers, so in case any activity is detected by one of the connected devices, the image will come up on screen immediately.

Another feature that makes this tool more attractive is the support for multi-display configurations, which means that you will be able to open several modules of the program and assign for each of them their own monitor.

Decent feature pack and performance

Overall, CamPro Express 64 is pretty well equipped and the fact that is compatible with most IP camera brands on the market makes it even more appealing.

CamPro Express 64 was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 24th, 2014
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