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A useful webcam recorder that can capture live video stream from USB and IP cameras

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Surveillance systems can be quite expensive, but you can lower the prices by putting together one of your own. A few cameras, a computer and the appropriate program are all that is required.

Camera Viewer is a nice app that turns the PC into a video surveillance system and allows you to easily detect motion around the home. The system enables you to capture, storage and playback any images.

The program works with multiple USB webcams and Axis Internet Protocol cameras (or IP). Depending on the number of cameras connected to the system, you can view them in panels of various sizes.

Furthermore, if you want to view a more detailed image of what is happening outside, it can be set to full screen.

When you add a new camera to the system, various details need to be provided, such as the device type, display fonts, image resolution and working schedule. Furthermore, it’s possible to enable motion detection and fiddle with several FTP settings (File Transfer Protocol).

Recordings can be kept on the computer for a number of days before they are automatically deleted. An output directory can be set for this app.

As mentioned, the program lets you view any recordings, while providing several playback buttons, as well as tools for editing the video and saving images and clips.

The bottom line is that Camera Viewer can help you keep track of everything that is recorded by the security system. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have any problems working with this app, thanks to its overall simplicity.

Camera Viewer Pro was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on April 25th, 2013
Camera Viewer Pro - With Camera Viewer Pro you have the possibility to detect motion and save video files in AVI format for playbackCamera Viewer Pro - The File menu enables you to add a new camera, remove the existing one and access the 'E-mail Details' windowCamera Viewer Pro - You can navigate to the Tools menu if you want to configure the web server and view the event logsCamera Viewer Pro - screenshot #4Camera Viewer Pro - screenshot #5Camera Viewer Pro - screenshot #6Camera Viewer Pro - screenshot #7Camera Viewer Pro - screenshot #8Camera Viewer Pro - screenshot #9

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