DCS-932L Setup Wizard

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The software package that you will need in order to be able to install onto your system the DCS-932L camera manufactured by D-Link

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Getting to terms with a hardware device, especially to one that has to connect to a network in order to be accessible by several users or by the same user but from different computers is not too difficult a job, but only if you have the right software to make the necessary bridge.

In case the unit in question is a webcam, that by definition allows remote surveillance, you will surely need to configure the environment before being able to access and enjoy all the features of the camera. Those who have a D-Link DCS-932L network cam have at their disposal a piece of kit that was especially tailored for that model.

Going by the name of DCS-932L Setup Wizard, this configuration tool is quite handy because not only will it make it possible for you to connect the webcam to the PC seamlessly, but also manage its functions.

When starting the setup utility, after the device attached to the system is detected, you should follow exactly the instructions as they are described, some of them being illustrated with telling drawings that will let you know where each cable should be connected.

Should the connection between camera and computer be done through an Ethernet cable, it is quite easy to identify the port and make the link between the DCS-932L unit and the PC. In case you want to make the devices communicate wirelessly, you also have the option of creating a secured WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) connection.

Overall, the DCS-932L Setup Wizard will surely prove very useful for users who own such a network camera. Easy to use and with detailed instructions inside the wizard, the whole process should be a simple task to carry out, even by the less experienced users.

DCS-932L Setup Wizard was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 17th, 2013
DCS-932L Setup Wizard

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