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A comprehensive and easy to use software solution that can emulate a virtual webcam on your computer in order to share its stream

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FalseCamera is a small application that allows you to create a fake webcam on your computer and stream content online.

The way you use it is very simple. FalseCamera allows you to load multiple video files, play them and when you run your IM application, it considers the video as your webcam feed. Basically, you get to show people what ever you want.

Besides playing a clip from your computer, you are also able to stream the activity from your desktop. You can share the entire screen or just a portion that you need the other person to see. It’s a really nice feature to have especially if you’re looking for a way to explain or share something and that makes it more than an app you can use to mislead people.

While a clip is running in FalseCamera, you are able to create bookmarks with a simple right click in the playback area. You can use them to mark key moments from a clip so you can go back to them anytime you want.

FalseCamera stores all the clips you add into a playlist which is saved every time you close the application. Moreover, it’s possible to change the aspect ratio of the clip, choose from a large number of scaling methods and set the output resolution. There’s also a ‘GrayScale’ function that is intended to render the video in black and white but it seems to need some work since clicking it makes FalseCamera crash.

If you want to use FalseCamera to broadcast a video for a specific purpose, you can overlay text over the image, which you can use to add real-time descriptions of what is going on in the clip.

To sum things up, FalseCamera is a really nice tool to have around when you want to have some fun tricking people, as well as when you need to share something.

FalseCamera was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
FalseCamera - This is the main window of False Camera where you can add the files you want to play

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