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IP camera monitoring software application that you can use to view multiple cameras, work with up to 4 preview panels, as well as import and export camera settings

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IP Camera Viewer is a powerful tool developed to help users monitor cameras from the comfort of their desktops, using several other features introduced to enhance the whole experience.

View multiple cameras simultaneously

IP Camera Viewer is actually a very simple way to view multiple cameras at the same time without the need for opening the web browser and loading a webpage.

Instead, the application provides a well thought out GUI that allows users to configure a camera and even control it thanks to the built-in utilities.

Configuration settings

As its name suggests, you need the camera’s IP to set it up, but also brand and model. You’re allowed to configure video resolution, display name and, if needed, rotate the image and write down authentication information. USB cameras are supported too, this time with a lot less information required.

Preview options

The main window of the program is being used for preview purposes, with up to 4 preview panels at your disposal, each for every configured camera. IP Camera Viewer supports up to 1500 camera models, all of which can be even controlled with digital zooming tools included in the app.

Backup and restore features

Another good feature available in IP Camera Viewer is the backup and restore utility that allows users to import and export camera settings in order to use them on another computer or simply save them just to be on the safe side.

A comprehensive help manual is also available, which means you should be able to figure out how to use each feature easily, and so are online resources, just in case you need more documentation on a specific tool.

Bottom line

All things considered, IP Camera Viewer is undoubtedly a very good piece of software, providing not only a very well-organized interface, but also plenty of features that could in the end improve the overall experience with the program.

IP Camera Viewer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 7th, 2015
IP Camera Viewer - The main window of IP Camera Viewer enables you to preview your webcam stream and change the camera layoutIP Camera Viewer - You can access the Camera menu when you want to add new IP or webcams to the main windowIP Camera Viewer - When you want to add an IP camera, you need to specify its brand, model, IP address and port numberIP Camera Viewer - screenshot #4IP Camera Viewer - screenshot #5IP Camera Viewer - screenshot #6

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