OpenNI Virtual Camera

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A powerful DirectShow filter that enables Kinect and OpenNI devices to function as webcams throughout chat sessions inside video call services

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OpenNI Virtual Camera acts as a powerful DirectShow Filter that makes it possible to use a Kinect or OpenNI compatible device as a webcam for video calls.

Back when it was widely known as Kinect Virtual Camera, the product encouraged a daring approach for Kinect users, allowing them to embed the power of the sensors into various video call services such as Skype, Live Messenger and several other similar flash chat platforms.

OpenNI Virtual Camera follows the same approach, but extends the compatibility list to OpenNI enabled devices. Provided that you are the owner of such a device, you may use this application to take full advantage of it during chat sessions.

Therefore, OpenNI Virtual Camera features support for both Kinect and OpenNI enabled devices, being able to automatically recognize them without much effort.

The program’s only window is the one dealing with various configurations, with the observation that any changes you make will become noticeable in the live stream as soon as you press the ‘Apply Settings’ button.

The modifications that you can perform range from adjusting the depth settings of the sensor (fill shadow, histogram equalizer and invert) to preferences for colors and IR sensors (if any).

The output stream is displayed on the right of the Configuration window so you can view the changes before you apply them.

Also, whatever video call service you’re using, you’ll have to configure it to use the Kinect or OpenNI device as default in order to be able to stream through OpenNI Virtual Camera.

All in all, the program could prove itself of great assistance to users who don’t own a webcam, allowing them to use a Kinect or OpenNI device instead in order to chat with friends and family.

OpenNI Virtual Camera was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 19th, 2013
OpenNI Virtual CameraOpenNI Virtual Camera - OpenNI Virtual Camera is a useful application that allows you to make video calls

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