MergeCam Pro (formely MergeCam Lite)1.03

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A simple piece of software that requires as input two or several video sources in order to combine them into a single panoramic image

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MergeCam Lite is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to provide you with the proper means of joining your multiple video sources to generate a panoramic view.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and begin working with it right away. It does not require any special knowledge or previous experience with similar tools, thanks to its straight-forward and intuitive interface.

The primary section of MergeCam Lite is 'Sources', where you can select the items that you want to work with, be they IP cameras or web cams connected to your computer. You can also choose the 'Lens Parameters' presets from the available options or use a custom configuration.

In order to get the images to overlap, you need to press on the 'Calibrate' button and MergeCam Lite will begin to process the data and discover if there are any common points, so as to be able to join the two videos.

In the 'Correspondences' section, you can view the exact location of the common points that the utility was able to find, while also allowing you to 'Add Point', 'Remove Point' or 'Optimize Cameras'. Finally, the 'Panorama' button enables you to view the image resulting from the overlapping of the video sources you used. You can then configure the view size and 'Transmit' the images to a 'Virtual Camera'. Moreover, you can record and save the file to MP4 format on your computer.

Thanks to its ease of use and reliability, MergeCam Lite can be used by anyone to capture and record videos in panoramic mode. The program can prove quite useful in a number of situations, ranging from surveillance, in order to ensure there are no blind spots in the protection of your home or office, to sporting events, where you want to capture the full magnitude of the game.

MergeCam Pro (formely MergeCam Lite) was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
MergeCam Pro (formely MergeCam Lite) - MergeCam Pro allows you to add local USB or IP cameras, select lens parameters and combine videosMergeCam Pro (formely MergeCam Lite) - You can add a MJPEG IP camera or choose another type of input source, according to your preferences

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