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Video Surveillance with multiple IP cameras. Detects noise or motion.

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Security Monitor Pro is a surveillance application designed to help users supervise important locations and prevent any possible hazard. This utility supports up to 32 cameras at the same time, so there is no need to worry about a blind spot.

The program supports IP and USB cameras. When connected, cameras have to be assigned a brand and a model name from an existing list. Users can set the preview options, such as video resolution, frame rate or display name. Also, users can select a motion sensitivity level, depending on whether they want to learn of the slightest movement or of the more relevant ones. Any detected movement can be highlighted in red, so they become obvious to whoever watches the cameras.

When motion is detected, the application can perform a series of actions such as start video recording, then save the file to WMV format, capture images from the camera and save them to JPEG files or send email notifications to the owner. Additionally, it can upload the recorded videos and photos to the user's FTP account.

The recorded videos as well as the captured images can feature several types of user-defined stamps, like the date and time (recommended if users might want to use the recordings as legal proof), a text caption or a watermark.

In order to avoid false alarms, users can mask a particular area from the camera's view and the application will then ignore any movements happening in that region.

Another option for users is to broadcast the video online, so they can supervise a location, even if they are not in front of the computer running Security Monitor Pro.

Being a user-friendly piece of software, Security Monitor Pro is a good option for anyone wishing to increase their level of protection, and can be used successfully even by the less experienced.

Security Monitor Pro was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 29th, 2015
Security Monitor Pro - This is the main window of Security Monitor Pro where you can watch your home, office, store or parking lot from your PC via InternetSecurity Monitor Pro - You have the possibility to connect more than one camera and view all the areas you are interested inSecurity Monitor Pro - From the File menu you are able to enable the Hide Mode, import cameras or launch the FTP managerSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor ProSecurity Monitor Pro

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