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A simple and easy to use application which allows you to record videos using a DV or a WEB camera, as well as other similar devices

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Soft4Boost Video Capture is a lightweight piece of software functioning as a movie recording tool, that also enables you to turn old VHS tapes into digital formats, in just a few swift moves.

After a basic and uneventful installation process, the application can be launched from the desktop shortcut that it creates. Its simple and straight-forward interface makes it very approachable for users of all levels of experience.

After connecting the capture device, be it a web camera, a HD camcorder or DV-cameras, you can setup the preferred configuration, allowing you to choose the format, either recommended, native or MPEG2. Moreover, you can input the save path, selecting any folder on your computer that you feel is best suited for this task.

From the 'Scheduler' tab of Soft4Boost Video Capture, you can opt to split your recording based on its size in MB or based on its duration (for instance 10, 20 or 30 minute parts). Moreover, you can set the program to stop capturing when it exceeds a certain amount of time or a previously-specified dimension. When the process is complete, you have the option of shutting down your PC or sending it to sleep.

The 'Settings' section allows you to select the preferred audio features, namely the 'Audio Codec', 'BitRate', 'Sample Rate', and 'Channels'. Similarly, you can access and adjust the 'Device Settings' as well as the 'Advanced Device Settings'.

Finally, you can then press on the 'Start Capture' button and the application will begin recording the images from your connected device, with a barely noticeable delay. The movie is then stored to the destination folder that you chose, enabling you to access it whenever you need and view it.

To conclude, Soft4Boost Video Capture is a useful and intuitive utility meant to help you record movies as well as digitize old tapes, so you can be sure you will be able to view them on your computer when you're older.

Soft4Boost Video Capture was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 17th, 2015
Soft4Boost Video Capture - The main window of Soft4Boost Video Capture allows you to start recording using your webcam or other devicesSoft4Boost Video Capture - From the Scheduler tab, you can choose to split the capture video according to its size or its durationSoft4Boost Video Capture - The settings tab enables you to choose the preferred audio codec, bitrate and channelsSoft4Boost Video Capture

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