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A simple yet efficient application meant to help you monitor, record and stream from both network cameras and webcams, in just a few easy moves

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Webcam 7 Pro is a reliable and user-friendly software solution designed to cater to a variety of needs, by allowing you to record videos using a simple webcam or stream them over the Internet, while also providing you with advanced surveillance capabilities.

Intuitive environment

The application is fairly simple to handle, basically requiring little to no previous experience with similar tools. All you need to do is plug in your video capturing device, be it a webcam or a network camera (supporting over 1500 types of devices) and you can begin working with it right away.

Apply watermarks

After selecting the source (which can even come in the form of a local AVI or MPEG, or a network stream), you can use the 'Overlay Editor' to apply customized watermarks (text, image or even other movies), useful especially for online streaming.

Motion Detection algorithm

Webcam 7 Pro also features a 'Motion Detection' component, making it great for location monitoring needs (for your home or office). You can set the sensitivity level, the recording interval and action it can trigger: 'Save Locally,' 'Play Sound,' 'Send SMS,' or 'Run FTP Upload,' so you or your security personnel can be alerted in case of a break-in, for example.

Scheduled tasks

Moreover, Webcam 7 Pro offers you the ability to schedule various events, such as recording video or audio, uploading files to FTP accounts or activating the motion detector at specific moments in the day or week, for instance after work hours in an office building.

Stream your video online

The 'Web / Broadcast' component enables you to stream your video online, chat with other Webcam 7 Pro users, automatically upload movies to your FTP server or post them on HTTP sites. Additionally, access to the application can be restricted using a preferred password.

An overall efficient and reliable webcam utility

As a conclusion, Webcam 7 Pro is a comprehensive utility which offers numerous surveillance-related functions, by capturing video, audio or images at specific intervals or when triggered by motion sensors, handy for security purposes in particular.

Webcam 7 Pro was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 6th, 2015
Webcam 7 Pro - The main window of Webcam 7 Pro allows users to load and view the images from the selected source and capture picturesWebcam 7 Pro - The right-click menu enables users to load network cameras and choose a WDM driver for audio captureWebcam 7 Pro - From the Gallery tab, users can automatically grab images from the camera and upload them at a specified time intervalWebcam 7 Pro - screenshot #4Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #5Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #6Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #7Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #8Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #9Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #10Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #11Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #12Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #13Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #14Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #15Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #16Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #17Webcam 7 Pro - screenshot #18

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