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Enhance your live webcam stream with great effects, animations, backgrounds and emotions, add faces and filters, take snapshots and record a video

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WebcamMax is a program that gives you the possibility of editing the settings of your webcam.

Installation process

Since this is an ad-supported product, you should pay attention when installing WebcamMax. It offers to download and install some third-party components that it doesn't need in order to fully function, as well as to make some changes to your web browsers.

Associate WebcamMax with several programs

Once you initiate the application with the user-friendly interface, you can set WebcamMax as the default webcam for selected programs (e.g. Yahoo Messenger, Skype, YouTube).

Insert effects, animations, backgrounds and emotions

You can add various effects such as "Box," "Double H," "Fatter," "4 Grids," "Pinch," "Swirl," "Skew Right" and "Thinner." But you can also add animations (e.g. "Butterfly Fluttering," "Cupid's Arrow"), backgrounds (e.g. "Animal - Dragons," "Mushroom Cloud") and emotions (e.g. "Amazing," "Heart Broken").

Filters and scenes, snapshots and other handy options

Furthermore, you can add faces, filters (e.g. film purple, emboss red, mosaic, shadow), frames (e.g. "Animal - Monkey", "Batman") and scenes (e.g. "Mirror", "Newspaper"), as well as take a snapshot, record or pause video, get more effects, open picture files to add them to the video, add Flash and subtitles, play media, enable picture-in-picture, doodle, and more.

Configuration settings

In the "Options" menu, you can set WebcamMax to automatically run at system startup and check for updates, change the interface skin and language, select webcam source rate and size, audio input and line, and others.

Performance and final thought

The program uses a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, displays instructions and hasn't popped up any errors during our tests. We strongly recommend WebcamMax to all users who want to have a little fun with their webcam.

WebcamMax was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
WebcamMax - The main window of WebcamMax enables you to preview your webcam stream and adjust its sizeWebcamMax - You can send certain effects to the front, while removing some others, with the sole purpose to obtain an attractive video streamWebcamMax - WebcamMax can be used to broadcast not only live streams, but also pre-recorded videos or existing imagesWebcamMax - screenshot #4WebcamMax - screenshot #5WebcamMax - screenshot #6WebcamMax - screenshot #7WebcamMax - screenshot #8WebcamMax - screenshot #9WebcamMax - screenshot #10WebcamMax - screenshot #11WebcamMax - screenshot #12WebcamMax - screenshot #13

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