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Simple-to-use piece of software designed to help you quickly view your webcam in Windows 7, take screenshots and pick the desired webcam

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WebcamViewer is just a lightweight Windows solution that allows you to quickly view your webcam in Windows 7.

The whole idea behind this program is as simply as it gets: before the release of Windows 7, all Windows versions showed a webcam preview right in My Computer, so no stand-alone application was needed in this regard.

When Microsoft launched Windows 7, this feature was removed, so users cannot see their webcams without installing a dedicated app.

User-friendly layout

WebcamViewer is here to help you, providing nothing more than the essential options and a very simple GUI that groups them all in just one screen.

Take snapshots

Besides the fact that it shows webcams, you can simply double-click the image to take a screenshot that can be saved on the local disks.

Pick the desired webcam

If you are using multiple webcams, there’s no need to worry because WebcamViewer allows you to select the one you wish to preview, with separate options to configure resolution too.

There are no other settings and this can be only good news for beginners, especially given the fact that WebcamViewer was developed to bring back a feature that was until now available in Windows by default.

No high CPU usage was experienced during our testing and everything went smoothly on Windows 7 machines.

Bottom line

All things considered, WebcamViewer can come in handy to some rookies, but those with a bit more experience may expect much more than basic options. It does its job with minimum effort and relies on a plain and simple interface.

WebcamViewer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
WebcamViewer - This is the main window of the application, where you will be able to view images from your webcam.

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