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A full-featured application that can help you broadcast your images and your own Internet show live, providing support for multiple cameras

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Wirecast is a comprehensive software utility providing you with advanced online broadcasting abilities, allowing you to show your videos to the entire world, right from your computer desktop.

The program is not difficult to understand and handle, but it does require the extra effort of sitting down and going through all the documentation, testing out its features and functions or even watching some of the available tutorials, in order to be able to make the most out of Wirecast.

The application supports numerous cameras being connected at the same time, of several types of capture devices (for instance USB, Firewire, DV / HDV and even IP cameras), the limitations pertaining mostly to your machine's abilities to face great amounts of data processing.

The built-in 'Desktop Presenter' enables you to stream your screen or that of another PC, useful particularly for presentations, demonstration videos or tutorials. Similarly, you can use this feature to webcast gaming streams or live discussions or conferences.

Wirecast also offers several layers that you can work with in your video and audio productions. You can apply various effects and overlays, which are kept throughout the broadcast, regardless of the fact that you might switch camera or audio input devices.

Additionally, you can import media files, for instance pictures, songs or other movies that you can display in your broadcast, which can initially be edited to suit your needs. You can crop the image, reset its position, flip it horizontally or adjust its opacity levels. Moreover, Wirecast allows you to set the preferred video frame rate, with 25 being the lowest value and 60 the highest (on condition that your hardware equipment can support such filming settings).

Wirecast is a professional tool that offers a great amount of webcasting features and functions, enabling you to create your own Internet show, using the least amount of technical equipment and a good understanding of how this program can work for you.

Wirecast was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 15th, 2015
Wirecast - The main window of Wirecast allows you to choose the media that you want to broadcast and to add new sources or layers.Wirecast - Using the 'Edit' menu, you can easily duplicate a shot or move it to another layer.Wirecast - You can adjust the transition speed and change the currently selected video from the 'Switch' menu.Wirecast - screenshot #4Wirecast - screenshot #5Wirecast - screenshot #6Wirecast - screenshot #7Wirecast - screenshot #8Wirecast - screenshot #9

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